Truth in the Trench of Trials- #1

I couldn’t make this year up if I tried. Between several life changing diagnoses of loved ones, death of family members, bad news from even neighbors and distant relatives, the repercussions of a global pandemic, I can’t think of a single person I know who is not in a trial right now.

This has led to some moments of severe disbelief. I won’t even utter the phrase “This can’t get any worse,” because then life seems to do just that. And I just wrote it, so I am not sure where that puts me. I’ll let you know…

More than ever before, we need to be reminded of truth. This is one of the amazing purposes for God’s Word- to provide supernatural comfort and solace as we experience the very real effects of this cursed world on our lives. To remind us of what is true and point us back to the Source of truth in the middle of pain and frustration and grief.

All this pain seems like a bad dream. But it’s real. These trials are like none I have ever experienced in my almost four decades under the sun. It is so easy for me to go to worst case scenarios, over-reading every piece of news and overthinking every circumstance. I often feel like I’m putting waders on and purposely wallowing around in a tar pit.

So as I take this journey, I do hope to share some of what I am learning with you. Comforting with the comfort we have been comforted by. Reminders for myself in what seems like a wilderness wandering in many ways. Because, we all need reminders.

So this first truth is going to make every grammarian cringe, but it is the only way to word it: This ain’t it.

Humans are awful to each other. Disease eats at our bodies. Things fall apart. Relationships get messy. If this was all we have to look forward to- as many actually believe- life would be incredibly abysmal. And no amount of optimism would cure it.

For those of us who read the words of our Creator, we see there is a bigger picture at play. We have a future full of hope, beauty, unfailing love, and perfection waiting on the other side of the veil of death we see here on earth. And we must remember that. To be heavenly minded is life and peace.

This life, this world- it ain’t it. And yet so often we as Christian pilgrims treat this world like it’s our inheritance. We live like practical atheists, collecting our toys and awards and money and power. Gobbling it up desperately like a people starved for purpose and satisfaction.

Jesus Christ categorically and repeatedly points out the emptiness of these pursuits. He is the source of purpose and satisfaction. As you seek Him, you find these things.

Even so, the human heart has an intuition that there is something incomplete in life. As I do my seeking for Christ, I find Him, but I still yearn for more because He has more waiting for me. I call it a holy dissatisfaction, and the main difference between a holy dissatisfaction and a instinctual dissatisfaction is hope.

The holy dissatisfaction is in the statement “this ain’t it.” I long for a day when I will see with my own eyes all things made new. My eternal home is going to be better than this. So I will keep looking up to Christ in the trenches of pain.

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