Hey there! I’m Leah. Life in my neck of the woods is pretty normal- except when it’s not. I have a very handsome, very patient husband and together we have five  seven children who all take after their mother for better or for worse. My family is my full time job – cleaning, cooking, caring, carpooling… educating… I couldn’t think of another c word… apologies.

My hope is that you can come to this little corner of the internet to find some balance. I know chaos and I know peace, and I hope to share both with you. You won’t find me claiming to be an expert at anything. I’m just a wife and mom who is striving to do life on this side in a way that brings joy to Jesus.

If you read this blog and laugh a little and think a little, I will be a happy writer. So sit for a bit, grab your favorite beverage (because coffee isn’t for everyone), and enjoy my naptime sanctuary!

Wanting to know more about me? Click here!

Curious about the kiddos? Here’s their intros!

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