Dig a little.

Dig a lot.

Dig a brand new garden spot.

Plant a little.

Plant a lot.

Plant the seeds and bulbs you bought.

Wait a little.

Wait a lot.

Wait much longer than you thought. 
*Excerpt from the poem “Dig In” by George Shannon can be found at this link.
They break my kitchen utensils by using them as instruments…
They hurt themselves as we walk out the door to go to church…
They “have” to touch the new thing, no matter how restrained…

They insist on being half-naked many, many days…
But they are happy (usually), healthy,
And I love them!

Spring Vacation

So here’s a visual synopsis of our trip. You’d think we were in Florida! We went to the beach, went swimming, played in water, went golfing, boarded a submarine…. But we were in 50 degree Wisconsin. These are not in chronological order, but enjoy!

A Kid’s Eye View

My girls love to take pictures. When I am uploading pics onto my computer, I find myself surprised by the pictures that are on my camera. Floor shots are common. TV views are not out of the ordinary. It is fun to try to figure out the up close shots. And sometimes there are great pictures. It is fun to get a view of how things are on a child’s level. So without further explanation, I will show a few of the pictures my children have taken on our vacation.

They love playing on the playground across from the condo.

A curtain


Most important – the fridge!


Pictures of less random things coming soon!

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