Meet the Kiddos

It’s always nice to have a face with a name, so let me show you my seven kids…


She’s been with me the longest. If wisdom comes with age, then she will be a sage by the time she is 20. Nattie has a passion for soccer and sports in general. Try to top her stats knowledge- I dare you!! When she’s not helping me around the house, you’ll find her hanging out with her friends or working on some project.


If you need someone to be in charge, Mere’s your gal! She’s detail oriented with an extreme sense of justice. Her fashion sense is impecable and her humor is amazing 😉 . She really enjoys razzing her parents too.


I call her my hippie child with tomboy tendencies. She’s hard to find. Soph will often go to remote locations to read books. She does like to play sports as well and will try anything once. Except her long list of foods she doesn’t like.


My boy. And he is ALL boy. He likes doing stunts and playing video games. If you tell him that there are video game careers, I will disown you as a friend. Just kidding. Sort of. He can’t sit still except when watching TV. I don’t get it.


Don’t be fooled by her bashfulness around strangers… she rules her siblings with an iron fist. She loves to play with toys and has opinions on everything. Her questions and thoughts provide me with endless entertainment.


AKA Twin A, Laney May. She is a determined little lady. She has her daddy wrapped around her finger and recently discovered it. Laney has a raspy little voice and speaks like a true Wisconsinite much to my approval and her father’s chagrin.


AKA Twin B, Owie. This guy is known for flirting with flight attendants. Just warning ya. He prefers smashing food in his mouth as quickly as possible because he has better things to be doing with his time. His brother is his hero, but he’s much more chill.

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