The Surprise : Part One

Do you ever find it extremely difficult to complete a task in the course of a day? I know I do. With little ones who are not school-aged yet, it is truly impossible to entirely finish anything in one day. We downsized to an apartment earlier this month, and I still have unopened boxes. All of my decorations have been in my bedroom for this whole month… until today.

My husband is at a men’s retreat this weekend. Normally I loathe this time, for I hate it when he is gone. But this year I decided to surprise him by actually getting this apartment to look more like home. How was this supposed to happen when I can never get anything completely done? Well, I called my Aunt Cheri. Cheri is a decorating genius. She can take what looks unusable to me and make it look beautiful. She stayed for four hours today, nailing pictures, arranging knick-knacks and such. By the time it was done, I saw a task finally completed. What’s more, between us their were 3 kids running around!

So I learned today that if you really want to finish something, get some help. That’s hard for me because I hate asking people for help. It really is true though and it was much more fun than me doing it on my own.

As for my husband’s reaction: I will let you know tomorrow!

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