The Surprise : Part Two

I said I would update on my husband Stephen’s reaction to the decorating. I asked my aunt Cheri to help because I knew that if she did it, there would be no critique. And I was right! Stephen loved it. He even said that Cheri should be a professional. There are a few more things to put on the walls, but he was pleased, and so was I. Hopefully after those things get done, I will post some pictures so everyone can see.

This week, our church is having Revival Meetings with John Van Gelderen. He is the president of Preach the Word Ministries, an organization that educates people on Holy Spirit living and revival. The site also has great tools for witnessing. You can purchase tracts or learn more about Netcasters Evangelism Training. When I was in college, we used his Netcasters material for Personal Evangelism class. The program is very thorough, yet easy to remember. The website also has music for purchase by his wife, Mary Lynn, and the Wayne Van Gelderen family.

The preaching has been very convicting and very practical. I am looking forward to the next five services. I know that moms often like to make the excuse that they are too busy to go to such meetings, or they wouldn’t be able to listen because they would be watching the children. Last night, Natalie (my 3 year old) sat upstairs with us. She got rutsy at times, but was quiet overall. Even though I did have to attend to her a few times, the Lord was still able to work on my heart. I honestly believe that the Lord blesses when we earnestly seek Him, even if it doesn’t seem possible at the moment.

With that said, pray for our church this week. If you are in the area, the meetings are at 6:30 Monday – Friday. (And don’t worry, there is a nursery!)

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