Healthy Physically and Spiritually

I am sure you would all agree that infrequent visits to the doctor’s office are a good thing. Growing up, I was taught that you only go to the doctor if you have been sick more than a week or if you are dying. Once I became a mother, I realized that illness is difficult to diagnose, and a doctor’s opinion is invaluable, but expensive. That is when I found this wonderful website: Dr. Alan Greene is a well known pediatrician who offers advice to mother’s about childhood health. He has times that you can chat online with him, updates on new research in pediatrics that is pertinent, and leaves no stone unturned. Now, I will put a disclaimer on: use discretion depending on your views on discipline. Overall though, his site is helpful, and has saved me many unneeded trips to the doctor’s office.

For spiritual health, I highly recommend Patch the Pirate. Ron Hamilton, Patch, was diagnosed with eye cancer three decades ago and lost his eye to it. When children in his church started wondering if we was a pirate, the Lord led him to make an entire ministry out of it. My husband and I both listened to him when we were children, and he is still producing recordings today. Each recording gives a clear presentation of the gospel, and the songs are God-honoring and fun! His website has coloring pages, and other useful things for your child. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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