Revive Us Again!

I am sad to report that the revival meetings are finished for this year. Brother Van Gelderen’s preaching was powerful, to say the least. My heart was stirred by his messages on the Holy Spirit. The Lord did a mighty work in the hearts of many believers this week, and it was very evident. As far as I know, 2 people trusted Christ as their Savior this week. The young lady that got saved is the fiance of one of our members. She would rarely come to church, and you could tell she wasn’t happy to be there. But Sunday, she got saved! Tonight she came to church, unaccompanied by her fiance! The other man was led to the Lord tonight by Stephen. He said that this young man knew what he needed to do, but wanted to know how to keep his salvation after he got it. Praise the Lord that His Word makes it so clear that once we are saved, we are always saved!

The Lord really dealt with me on living in the Spirit. Brother John said we tend to de-emphasize the Holy Spirit in our IFB churches and I believe he is right. What a difference it makes to live day-by-day depending wholly on the Spirit of God to guide you. The evangelist also pointed out what true faith is and isn’t. I had misconceptions, but getting them cleared up is making a huge difference in how I trust the Lord. I know the Lord worked on my husband too. We are getting the recordings of the messages, because there was so much to glean from that you couldn’t get it all right there.

Then there were the books. Once again, I must emphasize that Preach the Word Ministries site has an abundance of resources that are so beneficial to your walk as a Christian. We bought several books, and I have started reading them. I will be updating you on them as I finish reading each; but let me just say they are life-examining.

All that to say, I praise the Lord for the marvelous work He has done this week. Revival is not a week of meetings, but something that the Spirit does in your heart. I know He has done it in my heart, and I pray that it will continue.

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