Prayer Changes Things!

Something that was pressed upon me last week in the revival meetings was the need to go to God with specifics. My prayer life has been pretty general concerning my own needs. I know the Lord chose to teach me more about prayer this week!

My little girl Meredith is 10 months old. She is normally very happy and content… until these last two weeks, and this one in particular. I have never had to drive around with a child to get them to sleep – until this week. She’s been extremely cranky and unwilling to sleep. I have therefore been quite out of it, for I am the one who stays up with her. Regardless, God used this in my life to show me I need to cast specific, minute things at His Feet. Last night at midnight, I was asking the Lord to keep Meredith asleep until 8:00 in the morning so that I could get a full night’s sleep. Well, the Lord saw fit to let me get up with her at 3:00. I was disappointed; but then it hit me that the Lord wanted to show me that He can give me the grace and strength to handle mid-night interruptions… I just need to let Him. After that, my little girl did sleep until 9:00! I can honestly say that God was good to me at 3:00 and 9:00, just in different ways!

I also was able to see God provide this week in something I wasn’t even praying about, because of everything with the children this week. I am in charge of scheduling special music at our church. It sounds easy, but is quite difficult! I didn’t have anyone scheduled for this next Sunday, figuring no one would be able to prepare something that quickly. Well, Sunday morning, a teen came up to me to see about doing special music for that Sunday. THEN Wednesday I get a phone call from a member who is in the military. His schedule got switched so that he couldn’t do special music the day he was scheduled, and he wanted to know if he could do it Sunday night! Amazing! To add to the blessing, I completely forgot to add a new member to our schedule, and he is talented and wants to serve in music. So now I have a spot open for him too! I was just amazed at how God was interested in the particulars. And I realized that He is interested in the particulars of His Work.

So as you can see, the lesson I learned this week is that prayer is important, and we should cast our troubles upon the Lord at every possible opportunity.

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