My Favorite Blogs

I put some blogs on the sidebar here, and I wanted to comment on them so you know why they are there.

  • Cheesehead in Paradise– This is an old friend of mine from my teenage years. Jeremy is teaching in Saipan right now. His blog is just like him, a little quirky, very funny, and well written.
  • The Rifleman– This is my little brother, Mitch. He is a freshman in college and to be honest, this site is an on-going english assignment. But I have been impressed with what he has written so far! If only he would speak as much as he writes…
  • J-Post News & Views– This is my dad. He was inspired by my father-in-law, and has posted some interesting things. I think he is still waiting for family members to send him pictures and news though!
  • Franklybaggs– My father-in-law started this blog three years ago so family could keep up easier. It has been quite a success! We live all over the US and I at least know where everyone is living. I check his site daily to know what is going on, and he has quite a few great resources on the sidebar. The pictures of his grandchildren are exceptionally cute! 🙂

I may add more if I find any worth posting, but I really limit my blog reading. Really, I do.

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