Singing I Go

“I will sing unto the Lord, because He hath dealt bountifully with me.” ~Psalm 13:6

I must be honest, I am not the most knowledgable person when it comes to music. This is really funny, because I aid my husband in the music ministry at church. He minored in music in college and came from a musical family. I can sing some, but it is nothing to brag on. So I really can attest to the fact that the Lord does use the foolish things of the world.

But I do love music, even though I don’t know much. I love listening to demos and helping my husband pick out music. I love singing in the choir and at home and in the car (my favorite spot). My sister and I would ALWAYS be singing in the car when we still lived at home. I love that the Lord chooses music as a venue to worship Himself. If you think about it, He could have chosen something else, but He loves music too!

When we worship in song, it should be the outpouring of our joy to God-ward. To be blunt, I don’t often see God’s people sing with joy. I cannot help but sing the words “Singing I go along life’s road, For Jesus has lifted my load” without a smile. What joy-filled words! And that is just one example out of thousands! Next time you are singing in church, reflect on your attitude in musical worship… is it out of duty, or out of sincere desire to express the joy that is in your heart? If it is out of duty, I challenge you to read the Psalms and note every time David talks of singing to the Lord. The reasons are endless! If your singing is out of joy, make sure you express that joy outwardly on your countenance.

If you are interested in finding music to listen to and enjoy on the internet, may I suggest a few?

  • Adibing Radio – This station is run by Brookside Baptist Church in Brookfield, WI. This is my absolute favorite site to listen to music. They keep their selection up to date, and I never have to worry about the content. FYI you can investigate having an FM station through them on their website.
  • KHMG – Harvest Baptist Church in Barrigada, Guam is an exciting ministry to watch. They have an FM station that they stream live on the internet. Not only do they broadcast lots of music, but sermons as well. Pastor Herron was my counselling professor at Northland, and I love his preaching! You can listen to him live at 11:00 pm Saturday Nights (It’s like being in church 10 hours sooner!).
  • Old Christian Radio – This site also has an adundance of music, and it is all for sale. You can also listen to sound files off almost any Christian CD. This is a good site for researching your favorite musicians to look for other music by them!
  • Sacred Audio – If you have an MP3 or iPod, this is the site for you! You can purchase songs, usually for $1, or an entire cd for $10. They include 30 second sound bites, so you can get a preview. They also sell printed music that you print immediately off your printer. Great for last minute special music!

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