Redemption in the Kitchen

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

A man’s stomach is a very powerful thing. Especially my husband’s. He loves certain foods and is very happy when he gets to eat or drink them. Since he is from the South, he loves sweet tea. It is a staple in our home. He also loves pizza, namely Papa John’s. The sad part is that you have to drive 30 minutes to get to a Papa John’s. Thus, we don’t eat this paternal pizza often.

The other day I was in Fond du Lac. Do you know what is in Fond du Lac? That’s right, Papa John’s Pizza. Stephen requested that I bring a pizza home when I was done with my errands, to which I gladly agreed. Instead, I fufilled the Johnson family motto- “Nothing comes easy.” Near the end of my shopping, Meredith got very fussy. She hadn’t had a proper nap all day, so who could blame her? As I got in the car, I decided not to get the pizza. It would be another reason to get my cranky baby out of the car and make a scene in public. Bad decision. I came home to a clean house, dishwasher running, and a bright eyed husband who was very happy to see me… until he saw what I didn’t have. I immediately wanted to crawl in a hole.

But I did redeem myself by making a home-made pizza for dinner tonight. I even found Papa John’s sauce recipe!!! So my marriage was saved by the use of the internet in getting recipes. I would like to share some of these great food sites with you to use.

  • Food Network – This is an obvious choice. Almost any recipe you see on a cooking show on Food Network is on this site. They are rated by difficulty and yumminess. I have used a few of their recipes and not been disappointed.
  • RecipeZaar – I use this one most often. Just type in what you are looking for and it will give you the recipe. This site is made up of user-submitted recipes. People who use the recipes rate them and comment on them. I usually pick the highest rating combined with the most positive comments. They have fabulous recipes, so try this one!
  • Cookie Madness – My father-in-law tipped me off to this one. This is a lady who makes a different baked good every day. Her blog is basically a log of her discoveries as she tries each new recipe. You can go through her categories and find what you are looking for, and she will give you an honest review of the recipe, and any potential problems.

Happy cooking!

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