Bringing in the… doh!

I guess I have only posted one picture on my blog so far. I am still learning so hang in there with me! πŸ™‚ Here are some recent pictures of my two girls: Natalie is the oldest and Meredith is the big baby.

We have had a busy week here in the Franklin house. My sister and I are trying to sell things at a craft fair this weekend at my old college. So we are working on our “product”. It is really funny, because my husband and father are in business together. They run a sign company. If you want to see what they do, their website is

Anyways, anytime someone thinks of a way to bring in a little money, Dad and Stephen have to take it up a notch… or two… or three. Especially Stephen. My sister and I are making one thing, and Stephen already has the business plan laid out for the next three years. It is really humorous. He is more excited about it than we are. My Grandma runs a little craft show out of her home every year, and several of my aunts and other ladies in our church make things to sell in it. Well, I took Stephen to see it last year, and he had a billion ideas to improve her “business” and take it to the masses. She does pretty well with the show every year, and frankly she does it because it is fun for her. You apparently can’t make money on the side just for fun. It is serious!

Men just don’t understand craft shows. Just like garage sales. Stephen’s pet peeve is garage sales. Now, he doesn’t mind if I find a screaming deal at one, but he hates it when I participate in them. He cringes at the thought of selling anything for a fraction of the price he bought it at. “You can’t sell it for a dollar! I paid twenty for it seven years ago!” “Give that back; I will sell that on eBay and make more money.” (He never does.) “Do you realize that that is (fill in the blank with a brand name)?” This is a true story: I once had a garage sale with a friend of mine. We both brought a lot of items from our husbands’ closets that they no longer wore. We had their consent. On the eve of the garage sale, they went out to the garage to inspect and started complaining about how cheap we were selling things… and started remarking them. I don’t think any of their items sold because of it. Stephen sees a garage sale as giving away perfectly good things. “The time and energy you put into it is not worth what you make on it.” But it is fun. (Besides, maybe if you put out some “big ticket” items, you will make more!)

All that rambling to say, if you are married to a businessman, don’t even think about making scarves for fun and profit. That is, unless you are prepared to market yourself to the world…

2 thoughts on “Bringing in the… doh!

  1. We have a whole woodshop full of tools, every kind of saw imaginable from several years ago when “I” had a craft business. :)Congratulations, by the way on the baby! Did you get Jeremy’s new blog address – I assume so, but just in case: I love his name & picture. πŸ™‚ Pam Horneck

  2. Mrs. Horneck,
    Thanks for the info on Jeremy’s new site. I like how you put your “I” in quotations. That reminds me of when Christin and I were children… ask her sometime about Starry Sky Scrunchies. I am sure she will love to tell you about that venture involving “us”. πŸ™‚

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