The Wit and Witticism of Natalie

It is true what people say about children – you get what you were. At least it is true in my case. I was an interesting child, according to everyone who knew me. Natalie is very interesting. Stephen calls her “Leah”. My parents just look at her and laugh, remembering the struggles they had with me at three years old. (I hope they also remember that they were not laughing at the time, I am sure.) In all seriousness though, she is growing very fast. If I stop and think about it, it is quite unnerving.

In spite of the bittersweetness of “growing up,” Natalie can always break the melancholy just by opening her mouth. Where she comes up with this stuff, I do not know. But it certainly is a reminder to me to be careful about what I say around her. So I thought today I would tell of a few instances that have been quite funny.

Sunday – Stephen decided at the last minute to go out for lunch after Sunday morning service. It was because my meal plan wasn’t fitting his expectations for that day. So I tried to convince him that we didn’t need to eat out, and what I had planned at home was just fine. In the middle of our “discussion” Natalie says, “Mom, be happy about this! I am happy about this!” At this point all conversation stopped and was replaced with quiet snickering.

Tuesday – We had the blessed revelation that there were more than four of us in the apartment… as a matter of fact, a mouse has been living in the apartment for quite sometime. When Stephen found it, I decided I hadn’t paid my mother a visit in a while, so I headed over there. In the car, Natalie says to Meredith, “That mouse is so crazy. I just can’t understand it.”

Many months ago – Natalie was in trouble for some reason or another. Whenever this happens, her first instinct is to try and reason her way out of whatever is coming her way. It never works, but she still tries. When I caught her doing whatever it was, ( I do not remember) she said to me, “Mom, don’t worry about it. It is not a problem.”

From the mouths of babes….

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