Holiday Recap, Part II

My husband and I have an understanding: since he moved up north and works with my family, we will spend Christmas with his family down south (they live in GA, FL and SC). This is a non-negotiable!!! So we left December 22 for our Christmas vacation. We always having a great time visiting with friends and family, as well as doing some sight-seeing.

Stephen’s parents recently moved to the Atlanta area, so it was neat to see where they are now living. I have never really been to Atlanta and found it to be a fun place, albeit VERY BUSY.
We were able to go to Babyland General Hospital – where every Cabbage Patch doll is born. Natalie loved it and took pictures of her doll (Liliana) with her “friends.” We also walked around downtown Duluth (the suburb where Mom and Dad live), and I found a really cute store called Sassy Girl Designs. They had just opened a few weeks prior to my visit, but I can tell that they will be very successful. Some of their stuff is pricey, but that is because it includes the cost of embroidery. Bonus for the men: While your wife is shopping, they have a little sitting area with treats and reading material.

On Saturday, we went to Stone Mountain. I like to think of it as Mount Rushmore for the Confederates. 🙂 They do have confederate generals engraved in the side of the mountain. During the Christmas season, the village is transformed, and it was beautiful. We took a train around the mountain, watched several shows, and even did crafts.

On a different note, I want to make sure I share some vital information for your everyday life here: Metropolis, IL has a gigantic statue of Superman. Not only that, but it also has a Superman museum. Exciting, I know. I didn’t actually get to see those things- we were just passing through. Paducah, KY has a National Quilt Museum. I wanted Stephen to stop, but I knew we really didn’t have any time.

My folks did make it home safely from Ireland. They had a good trip, but had a little “sticker shock” over how expensive everything was. That’s Europe for you!

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