A Family That Paints Together

I am sorry that I have been negligent in writing this month. There really is no good excuse, except I forgot and had nothing to write about when I did remember. January always starts out with a BANG! and ends in a whisper.

My sister and her husband signed papers on their new home last weekend. Our family immediately went in and started the remodeling process. The house was a foreclosure and showed all the evidences of it. Stephen was in all his glory. His dream is to “flip” a house. With the housing market right now, a quick flip isn’t the wisest thing to do.

In my family, we have always depended on each other when it comes to home renovation. I remember when my parents bought their first home, my mom’s whole family helped get that “thing” in shape. It was a blast! Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends all helping. There was always plenty of food and fun to be had while we were working (or causing trouble). When my aunts built their homes, we helped paint and whatnot. When a garage had to be built, everyone was there. Roofing, bathroom remodeling, deck building, well emptying – you think of it, it was done by our family.

Projects like that can bring families together in a way many things cannot. You have a specific goal you are all working towards. Inside jokes, funny stories, and experiences are created and shared. There is no forced entertainment- like at the holidays- because your schedule of things to keep busy is already set. And in the end, you really live in all those memories that are created. Whenever I visit my aunt’s house, I remember my first paint job. At my grandparents house, I remember playing and eating while the guys worked on the garage. At my brother-in-law’s I think of the entire Christmas vacation spent closing in the garage, and how Grandma Baggett would be out there helping the guys frame while I took care of my newborn.

And now, there is a whole new generation of help. My nephew is only four, but is a great help. My three-year-old can’t wait to get back over to Auntie Christin’s new house to help some more. I love the fact that they want to help. More than that, I am glad that they get to learn the value of working hard, teamwork, and family ties. It is like getting to watch my childhood all over again.

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