The Baby Countdown

It has begun. Perhaps this is happening a little sooner than it should, but nevertheless it is here. I am not talking about the baby. I am referring to the wait. Those of you who have ever awaited childbirth know exactly what I am talking about. The constant thoughts of “is this the day?” The Over-examination of every minor pain or movement. The packing of bags. The nesting. The comments of “you are still here?” The bittersweet moments with the children you have, enjoying them before life gets more busy.

This may sound depressing, but I do not mean to be that way. The days before having a child are always a time of ups and downs. It is normal. I enjoy being pregnant. The Lord has blessed me with healthy pregnancies and healthy children, and that continues to be the case with this little one. I think because of the circumstances surrounding this pregnancy that the wait is sooner initiated. You see, I didn’t get to the doctor until later into my pregnancy. So my due date is off by 10 days either way. And I am inclined to think earlier. My brother-in-law is getting married at the end of the month, and I want to be there in the worst way. Compounding factor. Stephen and I were considering inducement, but it was highly discouraged by my doctor, which I am thankful for.

So I am completely dependent on God’s timing. And I am learning something – regardless of what I think would be a good time for this little girl to come, God’s timing is best. It may be tomorrow or it may be April 2 like predicted. Either way, God will allow that baby to come at the right time.

On a slightly different note, a friend of mine threw a baby shower for me last week Friday. It was very enjoyable. Our church does a shower for the first baby, but normally not after that. Stephanie had a diaper shower and I am set for awhile! The hospital gives a box of diapers, and then on top of that I have sizes 1-3 covered. And wipes. And I have all the girls clothes I need and then some. So it was a blessing. More blessed than the gifts was being able to spend the evening with dear friends and family. My grandma had everyone write down a name for Stephen and I to consider for the little one. I will let you know what we decided on.

Stephen and I also purchased a mini-van this week. It is neat how the Lord orchestrated it, because we saw the vehicle on a website and it was listed by a private party. We called the number and the man knew a family that comes to our church. He is a born-again Christian! We looked at the van, and saw that it was beautifully maintained and a bargain. So we got it. The girls love it, and Stephen likes it too. He’s even decided to give up the car!!! That is a BIG step for him because he has been feeling like he is giving up his manhood by purchasing a van. He used some plowing money to buy power tools recently…. I told him it was his consolation prize. 🙂

So all that to say that we are as prepared as we can be for this baby. Now it is up to Lord to decide when we are really ready!

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