The Next Best Thing to Being There

The Lord saw fit to have me stay home from the wedding. Many tears have been shed over this, many pity parties thrown, and many temptations to crawl under a rock. It hasn’t been pretty. It isn’t right, on my part, either. Nevertheless, there are many blessings, and lessons that have been gained at this time. I can honestly say that God is still very good to me.

But enough waxing eloquent. You want pictures, right? Before I show them, I want to give some thanks to some people.
  1. First, thanks to my husband who did the right thing in taking himself and the girls to still be there for the wedding. He made sure that people took pictures and he even took one and sent it on his cell phone to me right before the wedding started. I have called him more than I care to admit to, and he has been patient about his emotionally charged and very pregnant wife. 🙂
  2. Thanks a billion to my Grandpa and Grandma Johnson, who agreed at the last minute to go along with Stephen to help take care of the girls and take pictures for me. I know that they were the best people to help, seeing that Natalie is a mini-me.
  3. Thanks to my parents, who are taking care of me right now. My saintly mother has listened to me and my woes with tremendous patience, and my dad has kept me laughing… he’s good at that. Mitchell has even been a big help to me.
  4. My sister who came down here just to visit me. It wasn’t a long visit, but it was fun.

Okay…. here’s the pictures.

The girls traveling down to Florida for Uncle Brandon’s Wedding. Eating Daddy’s favorite nourishment of choice: RedVine Licorice.

Meredith sitting like a big girl… isn’t she cute in her skirt and chubby legs?

Brandon and Rachel at their rehearsal. Don’t they look happy?

Rachel, Natalie and Haley. Natalie did great at the wedding, according to all reports. She smiled and did exactly what she was supposed to do. Praise the Lord!

The Wedding Party. Stephen enjoyed seeing all his old college friends, most of who were groomsmen at the wedding. (The second groomsman is in my opinion the finest looking one up there… sorry Brandon.)

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