Happy Birthday Natalie Marie!

My little helper turns four today. Time certainly has flown. Natalie is my introduction into parenthood. Stephen and I wanted more children after having her, so that tells you how wonderful she is. She is a typical pre-schooler… eyes wide-opened, inquiring about everything she sees (and even things she doesn’t see). She has a good memory and is very intelligent. Natalie is a great big sister. She is eager to help with Sophie and loves to play with Meredith. She likes to cook with mommy and is anxious to start gardening this summer with her Grandma Johnson. Natalie also loves to sing, and she is constantly giving us suggestions for what to sing in choir. (She will be going into Kid’s Choir this summer, which she is very excited about.)

We are taking Natalie and two of her friends to the Children’s Museum in Fond du Lac for her birthday this year. The weather is supposed to be rainy, so it will be perfect for them. There are several museums like this throughout our state. Everything is hands-on and interactive, so the children learn and have a lot of fun doing it. (I call it “sneaky learning”)

Since I shared what Sophie’s name means, I think I should share what Natalie’s name means too… except it isn’t especially fit for the season. Natalie means “Birthday of the Lord” or “Christmas Child”. We didn’t know this when we named her, but none the less we have used it as a way to talk to her about Jesus. We have been praying that the Lord would make the plan of salvation clear to her at the right time, and she is getting to understand many things about it. This is exciting, but also a challenge to Stephen and I to not only be sharing the Gospel with her, but to be living it out in our own lives.

Happy Birthday Natalie! I love you and can’t wait to see what adventures and lessons are in store for you this year! Mommy and Daddy are so glad that God gave us a such a wonderful and special girl.

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  1. Leah, after a month you have finally changed your blog. What a big step! I know you’re busy, so I’ll give you some slack. Tell Natalie “Happy 4th Birthday” – from Ryan.

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