I have been trying to write an entry in this blog for some time now, but it never seems that great once I start writing. So here are some things that have been going on in our crazy, busy life….

-Sophie has adjusted pretty well to having two silly sisters. She’s growing a lot and very happy overall.
-Meredith is getting in her molars right now. She’s developed quite a personality: very friendly, but very demanding! She cannot pass anyone without saying “hi” and waving. On the other hand, she has no qualms about standing up to her big sister. I think she is a mixture of Stephen and myself.
-Natalie is recovering from strep throat. She’s been upset that she cannot hold Sophie because she will get sick too! She’s been known to share….
-Stephen is BUSY!!! Work, church responsibilities and family take up all his time. He wants to take us camping this weekend… we will see!
-I am recovering from strep throat as well… Natalie was so nice to share with me! Sophie’s sleeping schedule has improved, which means mine has as well. πŸ™‚

-My little brother, Mitchell, left for Marine boot camp on Monday. He’s at Ft. Pendleton, CA. My mom should hear from him today. The first part of his week will be preliminary things, but the real training starts Friday. Pray for him. As a friend from church (who was in the army) said, “He’s going to be in a place where no one cares about him spiritually.” Pray that God would protect Mitch and that he would stand strong for the Lord while he is away. Also, pray for his friends Dan, Josh and Tim who are all there as well.

-My mom is now recovering from strep as well. She took care of me and the girls while I was laid up, so it was inevitable that she got ill as well. Fortunately we go to the same doctor, so she did not have to go in… he knew what was going on already!

-Able Sign has two new employees for this summer. Welcome to Ryan and Chris. They both attend our church. Ryan will be working mostly with Stephen, learning design and vinyl operations. Chris will work with my dad, reading his mind (and installing signs). Hopefully this summer we can get Natalie to stop calling Chris “Mrs. Chris”! πŸ™‚

The Lord has continued to bless our family in many ways. Despite the weakening economy, our business is holding steady. This can only be from the Lord! Usually when the economy takes a turn downward, so does the business… not so right now!

The things that are happening in the world right now cannot but make me think that the Lord’s return is soon… I don’t know how soon, but we will keep looking up and trusting Him until that day! May you be as well!

3 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. Sorry so many have been ill with strep. I am surprised Stephen did not get it; he usually is susceptible to the strep germs. We are glad the business is doing so well. We are also thanking God for the rain we have received recently, as well as His protection from the storms.

    Love, Mom F.

  2. No way! I actually made Leah’s blog. I must be moving up in the ranks. I have to say though, I congrat you Leah for updating your blog before December 2nd.

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