Rain, Rain, Go Away…

I have always loved a good thunderstorm. Ask my mom. As soon as the first crack of thunder and flash of lightning came from the sky, I would bolt for the porch. Listening to the rain and watching the natural spectacle was mesmerizing. The parking lot across the street would flood, and as soon as the rain stopped we would be out there splashing around. Even now I enjoy listening to rain and watching it fall.

If you live in Wisconsin, or anywhere in the mid-west, you have probably gotten your fill of rain for quite sometime. We were bombarded with system after system of rain and storm. Tornadoes came through. It was quite a sight. It has also left quite a mess in its tracks. Here are some of the close-to-home stories you might not see on Fox News Channel…

-Lake Delton, near Wisconsin Dells, drained almost completely due to flooding. Five houses were taken away in the current as the lake overflowed its banks. This may be a blow to WI tourism, since the Wisconsin Dells area is a favorite tourist destination.

-Some folks from our church family had to be evacuated from their home along the Crawfish River. Their basement and car are flooded, and even the nursing home that she works at had to be evacuated. What’s more, they had no flood insurance. Please keep them in prayer as they decide what to do.

-Flooding in nearby Fall River is keeping kids from finishing school. Many graduation ceremonies did not happen because of flooding.

-I don’t know of anyone in our acquaintance who does not have water in their basement. My folks, my friends, and no doubt the house we are purchasing too… One of my friends has water up to their basement windows… that is very deep!

-If you wish to see pictures, go to this link for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. There are tons of pictures of the damage from this weekend.

The human tendency is to complain about this. Yet I cannot. I see God’s power in all the catastrophe around us, and it is amazing. I see His timing in it personally. Also, I think about my in-laws in Georgia who are still struggling with drought conditions. I am sure that the state of Wisconsin would gladly give you enough water to fill Lake Lanier again… I will start sending it Priority Mail. 🙂

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