Happy Birthday Stephen

Stephen fulfilling a life long dream – 2007

Today is Stephen’s Birthday. According to his parents, he can be 29 as long as he wants now. I agree wholly! 🙂 I alluded in my last entry as to how thankful I am to have him for a husband. I will now repeat that. He is very active in the church, helps the business stay in business, and manages to still spend time with his girls… all four of them.

This Easter, he directed the program. He carefully picked out songs and scripture and shared his own heart on what Resurrection Sunday meant. It was filled with sentiments and lessons from a man who truly loves God and is thankful for his salvation through Christ. After the program, one of the teenagers in the church approached me and said, “You are so blessed to have such an awesome husband.” I am thankful for a husband who is worth looking up to, because he exemplifies Christ.

We have a lot of fun together too. He is quick with a joke, or a funny thing to say. He doesn’t take himself seriously and is not easily offended. He’s patient with me, a typical redhead. What’s more, he truly wants to be a good parent to his three little girls. And he is. I am so grateful that God put us together to serve Him, and I look forward to what He will continue to do with Stephen.

Happy Birthday Stephen! I love you and am thrilled to be part of your life. 🙂

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  1. Leah, you just gotta stop writing these touching blog entrys. My house is running out of tissues. I’ve had to go to using toliet paper. Leah your writing just chokes me up. Please no more Leah.. no more.

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