Home, Sweet Home!

Well, no one is napping right now. The girls are playing at a friend’s house. The baby is sitting in her car seat, and I am at my folks house waiting for my laundry to finish spinning. So I thought I would update everyone on life in the Franklin house. And I do mean house!

We have a house now! The house was purchased mid-July and we moved last weekend. It is what I call a “poor-person’s Victorian home.” We love it. The girls all sleep in one room and their other room is a play room. Stephen is putting in a first floor laundry and remodeling the bathroom right now. There is lots to be done, but at least it is ours!!! We are praising the Lord for providing this home for us at just the right time.

We have been looking for homes for two years, but nothing seemed right. There was one home we just about bought, but the Lord showed us clearly that it wasn’t His timing. We got very tired of looking and took a break for a year. Then Stephen started looking again this spring and the Lord led us to this house. It is close to parks, has a nice yard, newer heating and a/c units, and is close to many of our friends. Actually, one lives around the corner and has already been so welcoming to us!

Many people have helped us with this house. Painting, packing, cleaning, babysitting, cooking… you name, someone has helped us with it. Now comes the hard part – sorting. We are having a garage sale this weekend, so this week is crucial to me having a clutter free home. Why am I blogging again? 🙂

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