“My Uncle Mitch is a Marine”

Some time tomorrow, my folks will get to see my brother for the first time in 3 months. This doesn’t seem special in and of itself but it is – Mitch is now a Marine.

One would think that Mitch, and Mitch alone, would be going through difficulties. I will argue that vehemently. My parents have been going through the turmoil right with Mitch. Perhaps not physically, but mentally and emotionally. To know that your son is going through grueling, unforgiving training is not a happy thing to dwell on. Even as his sister it has been a definite “season of prayer”.

Last week, Mitch had the most difficult task of his training: The Crucible. 54 hours of marches, obstacles, and tests. 8 hours of sleep. 3 MREs (Meals-Ready-to-Eat). During this time, we were able to watch a documentary on Marine Boot Camp called “Becoming a Marine”. It was difficult to watch, but I couldn’t turn away because I knew I was watching my little brother. He was just as exhausted as those soldiers on the screen, and I was thankful to get a little idea of what he was going through at that exact moment.

The best part of the Crucible is the end. It is then that you get your pins that make you an actual Marine. My family counted down Mitchell’s crucible, and as he was finishing, I had immense pride for what my little brother had just done. Even 1000 miles away.

This is a hard post to write, because words don’t fit the pride I have for my brother and what he has accomplished. I have always appreciated those who sacrifice for our freedoms, but it hits much closer to home now. I cannot be in San Diego with my family for graduation on Friday, but I am there in spirit. Congratulations Mitchell! We are so proud of you!!

Oh! Before I forget, if anyone wants to see my brother at MCRD, San Diego with his platoon, here’s the link: devildogs.info. Go to 3rd Battalion, India Co., Plt 3211. He’s on the bottom row if you have a hard time spotting him.

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