Learning, Learning, Learning

I am one of those moms who does not like to see her children getting big. I mean, I like that they are healthy and growing as they ought, and I am thankful for that. But I do not like when they are no longer babies that I can hold and that want me to hold them. I do not like how time goes so fast – it seems like I just blinked after Natalie was born and now she is 4 and has two sisters. Wow!Nevertheless, they are growing wonderfully and learning new things every day! We have started pre-schooling Natalie this fall and she is really enjoying it. She can hardly wait for her sisters to take naps so that we can get going on school work. I decided for this year to glean my own curriculum off the internet. It is actually very easy to find good stuff. And having some education in teaching helps tremendously!

Meredith is talking a lot. She is catching on to words really fast now. But she is also catching on to attitudes. Not so good. She likes to fold her arms across her chest to let me know she does not want to obey. Cute? Yes. Naughty? absolutely. It is one of those situations where you have to turn your head to chuckle and then get serious right away so you can discipline.

Sophie… Sophie, Sophie. She is just growing by leaps and bounds. Crawling is fast approaching. She started rolling at three months and is now proficient at scooting. Sophie really catches on to things fast. Yet, she is still a cuddler. I can still have her sit in church with us on occasion and she will be quiet. Every one of my girls has been a good baby, but she is a very good baby.

Stephen has said before that it is hard not to have more children when they are so cute and relatively well behaved as these girls are. (No, this is not an announcement.) We are so thankful that God has given them to us for a short while, and we really desire to cherish these years that we have with them.

Business is holding steady right now. We rejoice in God’s provision for our family. He is the only reason that we have any success in this life, and I sense it keenly right now with how the economy is going.

Can a Little Child Like Me

Can a little child like me
Thank the Father fittingly?
Yes, oh yes! be good and true,
Faithful, kind, in all you do;
Love the Lord, and do your part;
Learn to say with all your heart,

Father, we thank Thee,
Father, we thank Thee,
Father in Heaven, we thank Thee.

For the sunshine warm and bright,
For the day and for the night,

For the lessons of our youth—

Honor, gratitude and truth,

For the love that met us here,

For the home and for the cheer.

For our comrades and our plays,
And our happy holidays,

For the joyful work and true
That a little child might do,
For our lives but just begun,
For the great gift of Thy Son.

One thought on “Learning, Learning, Learning

  1. Thanks for the pictures and the thoughts. We are so thankful for the wonderful wives that God gave our sons.

    Mom F.

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