New Release: The Four Weeks of Christmas

Blogging hasn’t been my priority lately. There. I admitted it. But I cannot tell you why. I will someday, but not today. ANYWAYS… Christmas is almost here and I just had to write to say “Merry Christmas” to anyone who actually reads this thing. We have had a busy season so far, and I am really, really, really, Really, Really, REALLY looking forward to a break in a few days. I am going to try to relate the holiday season to you in song… hope you enjoy.

The Four Weeks of Christmas

On the first week of Christmas tradition happened here
Gingerbread house making with the fam

On the second week of Christmas we froze in a parade
With a glowing ABLE Elliot (That’s our fancy schmancy bucket truck)
And Meredith turned two, such a big girl!

On the third week of Christmas songs did fill the air
With our church’s annual canata,
Another big huge snowstorm,
And a box Florida navel oranges.

On the fourth week of Christmas we finally get a rest
After our Sunday School class program
Two big huge snowstorms,
Last-minute Christmas shopping,
Did I mention we will finally get a rest?

2 thoughts on “New Release: The Four Weeks of Christmas

  1. The pictures are cute. Where did you get the Florida oranges? Yes, rest (from the busyness of the season)with family and with staying home for a day or two(starting Thursday, Dec. 25) sounds good to all of us.

    I finished my school day today. My grades are turned in, my Christmas decorations are down and some of January decorations are on the wall, my room was mopped and dusted. I have no homework over Christmas break!

    Now, we turn to home: cleaning, caulking, shopping for food and chairs, returning shelves that don’t fit, buying a Christmas tree, placing the lighted houses where we can, attending the Sunday School Christmas party Saturday night, etc. We are so very excited to see the family in a few days! The heater repairman has been here twice in two weeks, the plumber came once this week, and we are trusting God that everything will work while everyone is here. If not, we will have another adventure. Later, you can ask about our car adventure from tonight.

    AJ, Jong, and Eugene are coming for Christmas dinner so be in prayer about God’s using us to impact them for Christ.

    We are sorry Steve, Ronda, and Mitch cannot come this year. I suppose somebody has to stay up there to plow snow.

    Kiss the girls. Love, Mom F.

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