Not Me Monday

I have been following this fantastic blog written my MckMama about her life with four small children ages four and under. It is very transparent and candid and an encouragement to me on many levels. ANYWAYS she does a post every Monday called NOT ME Mondays, and I thought I would give ‘er a try. Join in the fun on her website.

First of all, I did not go grocery shopping while trying to dodge my mom, who had my two older kids, in an attempt to have a productive shopping session. That would be so mean and cruel.

And I definitely would never think to let the girls wear jammies all day because it is too cold to be outside anyways…

I also did not get a lot of enjoyment out of buying a new oven because our ancient one that came with our house was infested with mice. I did not ever get grossed out about the situation and have my husband do the “investigating.” Not me. I am a full grown woman, mature enough to deal with teeny weeny mice.

Stephen and I did not play ping pong in the church basement before church Sunday Night while our kids were with various church people. How irresponsible would that be? And besides, we are adults who do not revert to childish behavior from time to time. 😉

3 thoughts on “Not Me Monday

  1. My mom takes all day to do her shopping so I litteraly have to take the day of from work to help her. I should try a new tactic like yours. great not me monday

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