Greetings from the Frozen North… (Or “Why Do We Live Here Again?”)

We are truly frozen. I may even go so far as to say I have been frozen inside my house all week. With temps below zero, there was no way I was going to continually bundle my girls to battle the elements for a package of double-stuffed oreos. So what kind of things do you do in this weather? I’ll tell you….

1. Watch movies. I know, how evil of me to let the kids watch movies. Did I mention that w/o wind chill it got to -24? Yeah.

2. Start a new book. My sister-in-law tipped me off to a book by Mardi Collier called “What Do I Know About My God?” It is a fantastic book, and if you are struggling with a method to use in doing your devotions, this is wonderful. She really goes into how if we want to live lives pleasing to the Lord and develop a real relationship with Him, we need to focus our Bible study on knowing Him more intimately.

3. Nap.

4. Play-doh. I am so glad the girls got it for Christmas. It is a great reward for picking up toys.

5. Watch the news and see how everyone else is faring in the weather, as well as pleading with the weather man for a withdrawal date for the arctic front.

6. Visit our friend and neighbor, who just had a little baby boy. Congratulations, Andy and Dawn! Dominic Aryn is beautiful and we are looking forward to getting to know him. 🙂

There’s more. I know there is. There must be more that we did. I think my mental capacity still needs more defrosting to work properly. There were plenty of laughs in our house this week too, though.

~ We were reading a John Deere book about farms. I asked Natalie where milk comes from. She tells me, “From a cow’s bottom.” I asked for further explanation, hoping for the best. She clearly didn’t mean udders. We are in the process of clarifying this misconception, seeing she lives in the Dairy State.

~ I was on the phone with a friend when I heard a scream from upstairs. I ended my conversation, went upstairs, and found my little Sophie had been rescued from her crib. No one was confessing to the offense (both my girls are waaay to young to be grabbing Sophie out of the crib). So I pulled a King Solomon tactic: “No lunch until someone confesses to the crime.” Three minutes later, Meredith comes downstairs. “Mama, I get Sophie out of crib.” WOW! Who says a two year old does not know right from wrong?

~ Meredith is now in a big girl bed, but hasn’t grasped the concept “No getting out of bed!” I put her down the other night, and it seemed that she may actually stay down for the evening. So I went downstairs, laid on the couch and started to relax with Stephen. Until I hear, “Ho, Ho, Ho!” It was Meredith, coming down the stairs. I could tell by the Santa-like sounds that she had found the Santa hat and had it on. Sure enough. She plops down in front of Stephen and I, giggling and saying “Ho,Ho, Ho!” It was really hard not to laugh. Don’t you hate those moments, where you ought to be stern, but the situation is so hilarious you cannot contain your laughter, therefore making discipline impossible?

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