Not Me Monday

I am joining in on the fun again today, since my last post was so serious. I will update on the rally and whatnot, but I think some lightheartedness is needed today. Especially with the temperatures dropping… again. AND since Puxatauney Phil saw his shadow. 🙁

So this is “Not Me Monday”, sponsored by MckMama and her entertaining and picture-filled blog. Check it out sometime if you haven’t, it is a lot of fun to read. I will thus commence to the art of denying my parental imperfections… which, of course, I have none. 😉

Last night, when Stephen and I had some friends over, we did not let our little ones stay up until they begged us to put them to bed. Or else they passed out on the couch. Nope. Bedtime is strictly adhered to in this house.

I did not ignore my daughter after putting her upstairs for a temper tantrum. Every shriek and scream was addressed in the proper fashion, and I never laughed (out of her sight of course) over the over-dramatic nature of said tantrum. I nipped it in the bud.

Since winter is a slow time for us financially, I did not indulge in a buying frenzy at Gymboree. Even though there were bins of stuff for $1.99. Like jeans… and raincoats… and matching shirts… Oh, where was I? NO WAY! I did not succumb to buying things for my kids just because they were ridiculously marked down. Self-control is my middle name. Just ask my sister.

And Stephen and I are not having another baby. That would be four children under the age of five, and I am barely making it with the three I have. We have not postponed telling people for three months, including our girls – because there is nothing to tell. 😉

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