Rally Update

UW Health boards voted Thursday and Friday to re-institute second trimester abortion procedures as soon as possible. They ignored the petitions, phone calls, and substantial rally that called on them to turn down the proposal.

So, some people would ask, “What’s the point? The higher powers don’t listen to our actions anyways…” Standing up for what is righteous does not always guarantee instant success. God’s will is not for me to question. Perhaps, having the issue out in such a public venue will bring adverse reaction and reach more people. Speaking out may inspire our next leaders to take up the cross. One thing is for certain – when we are on the Lord’s side, the victory will ultimately belong to Him.

Stephen and I had the privilege of attending the pro-life rally the Saturday before the vote. Many people spoke, actually so many that we didn’t get to march because our little girls turned into girl-sicles. But I was honored to be standing with so many who have seen the truth. Life is life. The signs people held were sermons in a sentence. I tried to take pictures of some, but it was difficult to move around. The saddest to me was women carrying signs that read “I regret my abortion.” How sad to learn the truth so late. Fortunately, my God is the God of forgiveness and second (third, forth, fifth…) chances. 🙂

My girls went along, and I was glad that they did. They had no idea what was happening, but I don’t want them to be “closet advocates”. We are trying to teach them now, through our actions, that we need to stand for what is right. I want them to carry the torch when we are no longer able to.

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