Saved from Creativity, at No Cost to You

My Ray of Sunshine

I think for all moms with little ones, Valentine’s Day is a long-awaited reprieve from the normalcy of life. For one day, or even a few hours, you get to forget about all the little things and focus on the love of your life. You may get all dressed up. You may stay home and send the kids out. There are endless combinations that can be made for Valentine’s Day, but two things remain constant: 1- No children allowed… this is grown up time. 2- Money should be spent.

I have no problem with number 1 BUT with number 2 comes the problem. We are in a recession. Money is tight, and I would hate for Stephen to spend loads of money on a nice dinner or expensive flowers that will die. At least this year. I asked Stephen what he was planning for V-Day, if anything. He said, “I don’t think we can do anything… we don’t have money to spend.” I said, “Well, that’s when we get creative, right?”

Just in the nick of time, Stephen is saved from having to “get creative.” I happened to be on my former college’s website when I saw that they are having a concert on Friday with one of Stephen’s favorite groups. And it is free. I called Stephen, who heartily agreed that Foundation Brass is a go. So we get to go to an artist series together. We did not attend the same college, therefore we never got a chance. Now we get to pretend we are in college again. Except I will be wearing maternity clothes… okay, maybe we will not pretend. (I always seem to be pregnant when we visit MBBC.)

So, if you have no plans with your honey yet for Valentine’s Day, let me give you SE Wisconsinites a suggestion. Go to Maranatha Baptist Bible College for their concert featuring Foundation Brass. They are tremendously talented, so you will not be disappointed. Besides, did I mention it’s free?

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