I really was doing well for awhile. I was averaging a little over an entry a week. Then motivation waned. And willpower. And time. You get the idea. The three months of maternal energy have been replaced by a frail and tired fragment. It sounds depressing, but it is so worth it. I haven’t given up blogging altogether, but I am taking a hiatus to rest and accomplish more important things before the little one gets here. BUT I am more than happy to give anyone who reads this another late update on our family… Q & A style.

Q: Have you picked a name for the baby yet?
A: That is the number one question that I – NOT Stephen – get harassed with. No. I am constantly bombarding Stephen with baby names, but he doesn’t seem in a hurry to decide. I figure, since this is his only son, he ought to decide what name will be passed through the Franklin generations. The girls have picked Ian… I had nothing to do with that.

Q: How’s the weather?
A: Fabulous for a very pregnant lady. 60’s and 70’s. Some rain, some sun. A lot less rain than we had last year!

Q: What are the girls into now?
A: Natalie LOVES her new bicycle that she received for her 5th birthday. She also enjoys playing with her friends in the neighborhood: Tate, Zoe and Emily. And gardening. Can’t forget gardening. πŸ™‚
Meredith is a talker. She has a personality all her own and isn’t afraid to show it. She loves to play with Natalie the most though. And making messes. She likes to joke around and has a beautiful smile.
Sophie is just blossoming… she has gained two pounds and is walking almost exclusively. She is very patient and loves to play with her big sisters and her daddy. Her toothy grin just makes you want to take her home… but you can’t. She’s ours. πŸ™‚

Q: How is the business?
A: Steady. We have been affected by the recession, but God is still good, and we have stayed afloat and then some. Stephen is still really busy with quotes. In spare moments, Stephen and Mom and Dad have finished another room at the shop. It is the office, so my mom is REALLY glad to have her house back now after 9 years. And Stephen is glad that Able Sign is one room closer to having a more professional look.

Q: When does Mitchell leave?
A: My brother, Mitch, is a Marine reservist who was called up in April. He’s been training at Camp Pendleton in San Diego to leave for Iraq in September. He is supposed to have a leave right before leaving for the Sandbox, but we will see what happens. The military is unpredictable. Lord willing, he will only be gone until April. I know that prayer for his safety and testimony would be appreciated.

Q:How are you feeling?
A: I have gotten a lot done the past few months, thanks to my mom. The baby is doing great and I am on schedule to be induced July 10. My labor was so short last time that the doctor thinks it would be best if I was induced so I make it to the hospital on time. I have been sick with some sort of sinus infection for over a week. The doctor has given me a few things to do before putting me on antibiotic, since I am 34 weeks. This makes me tired, and I am so thankful that I have family and church family to help with the girls and stuff.

Q: So what have you “gotten done?”
A: Well, Stephen built some beautiful bunk beds for the girls, which they love. Their bedroom has been painted and looks so much better. I have been gardening and Stephen has been landscaping. Lots of painting. Actually, Stephen is installing a new toilet upstairs as we speak. There was a garage sale last weekend…. that’s a story for another time. πŸ™‚

Q: Any big plans, other than having a child, for the summer?
A: Stephen’s family is coming to visit us in less than two weeks. We are excited to have them here and are busy making arrangements for that. Other than that, not much. Having a fourth child is a pretty big endeavor for a summer! πŸ™‚

Q: So when will you get back to blogging more often?
A: I wish I could give a solid answer. I will be shooting for once a month for the time being. Nothing more until after the baby is here and settled. Just don’t take me off the radar yet. πŸ˜‰

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