Ethan has grown already. And so has Sophie. Mere has certainly shot up. And Natalie is blossoming into a little lady.


I am one of “those moms” who dreads my children’s impending adulthood. I steal my motto from the Carters’ design on baby clothes: “If they could just stay little.” I love all the sweetness and tenderness, the dependency and bonding that is infanthood. I love the innocence and simplicity. I fear forgetting one single moment – a look, a smile, a coo. And I have. It is always shocking to me when I look back at pictures of Natalie and Meredith, because I don’t remember on my own how they looked years ago.

It is for that reason that many may say that I am also not a super-structured mom. We don’t abide by a set schedule. Every day is different and new. My goal is to glorify God with each day, but a sub goal would be to enjoy my children. So sometimes (not all the time), laundry goes by the wayside. Many dishes sit for over a day. Rooms do not get picked up on a continual basis. I am not a slob by any means, and yes, having a mess bothers me to no end. But these days are fleeting, and I am determined to savor them. Even in doing so I find that I still am saying, “Where did the years go?”

Even in this, I do not believe that I enjoy my kids as much as I could be. There is a lot of correction that takes place. I sincerely wish that time could be spent enjoying the kids, but discipline is essential to their growth. They sure are stubborn though! For instance, today is day number two of “clean your room”. Yesterday took 4 hours and would have been longer except Sophie had an appointment. Today, if they get it done, we will go to the park. If they do not, they will be up in their rooms until it is done. WHICH MEANS that we do not get to enjoy the day together.

Our Heavenly Father knows all about parenting. I am sure that there are many times that He would like to “enjoy the day with me”, but I have become lazy or lost focus. Therefore I have tasks I must finish first and I lose that time that I could be using to enjoy my Father. It saddens me when my kids lose out on fun because of laziness. I cannot imagine how that sadness is multiplied when we choose other options for our time rather than enjoying the Father’s company.

So for now, I think I will go motivate the girls. Perhaps we will get to the park today. And I can watch them grow some more.

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  1. I agree with your comment that we forget what the children looked like when they were younger, until we look at their pictures. How quickly they change!

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