The sickies have been fighting us from almost every angle lately. It has been an exhausting battle, and some days I honestly did not know how I would survive. God’s grace saved the day, as it always does. He is truly faithful and Someone to be wholly trusted in every situation. Now if only I could be as faithful to Him as He is to me. Even a sliver.

Maybe you have sensed it lately in your congregation, family, or sphere of influence. Tiredness. Lack of motivation. Inconsistency. Apathy. Wrong priorities. I know that I am not the only one. And I am convinced that the “adversary” is loving it and trying to breed it. Personal defeat is a great enemy in the local church.

We tend to run on how we are feeling. “I feel like doing this. ” “I don’t feel like doing that.” “I’m not up to work in nursery today.” “My heart is just not into singing for choir this morning.” Forget faithfulness. Forget falling before our ever-present God and telling Him all about it. Forget enduring hardness as a good soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes we need to do the Lord’s work regardless of how we feel. Actually, in doing the Lord’s work, we can often find the refreshment we need, or the remedy for what is ailing us.

“But isn’t hypocritical to be singing about joy when I am not joyful?” The solution is not to give up. The solution is to have a heart change. When you just resign to the emotion of the day, Satan and your flesh win that battle. We have it backwards when we decide that we should duck out of ministry because of our attitude. Our attitude needs to change – not our ministry.

Sometimes, an honest break is needed. Rest and vacation are not evil words. Refreshment is necessary to gain the energy we need for the battle at hand. I am talking in a physical way, but also a spiritual way as well. We usually focus on physical rest. More is to be gained from a spiritual vacation too though. A spiritual vacation, to me, is an extensive amount of time spent in God’s Word and prayer. This is not your normal devotions. It is more than that. Hours or days could be spent on it. The Bible itself tells us that it is nourishing and refreshing to the soul. Are you in need of extra time with God? Are you spending time with Him as it is?

I guess what I am trying to get at here is this: God is ever faithful to us – are you being ever faithful to Him?

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