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I am always on the lookout for something novel. Last night, a friend and I were discussing how we are not plain jane types. We like color. We like originality. Sometimes, it is hard to find. Othertimes, it isn’t. I must admit, though, that there are things that are outside my realm of novel. Somethings are too wacky, even for me. And that’s okay to have different tastes and such – just as long as it is not offensive to God and His Word.

All that to say in the midst of the winter blahs, I have been on the lookout for novel things. And let me tell you, I have found some that I just LOVE and want to share with you.

1. Goat Milk Soap
My Mere and Ethan have eczema, and despite all the things I have tried to heal their skin up, nothing has worked. I saw an ad from another blogger for goat milk soap. So I looked it up. I liked what I saw so I bought some. AND IT WORKS. My kiddos skin looked better almost instantly. Ethan had a break out a few days ago, and I gave him a bath with their Purity soap. He’s doing much better. I bought extra bars for myself and Stephen, and they are great for dry itchy winter skin. Check them out at

2. Etsy
This is such a hard site to describe, but it is basically an online crafters bazaar. You can buy almost anything on here, and it even has options for shopping local. Each crafter or artist has their own “store” that you can shop from. My favorites so far? Definitely briar.claire for hair accessories for my babes (they are on sale right now, by the way). Their furniture is great and sells at a reasonable price. The fabric I find on there is stuff you won’t find at JoAnn’s. But BEWARE – You will spend countless hours browsing once you get started!

3. PBS online
Okay, so this isn’t novel, really. But it is about novels! Go to and they have shows you can watch online. Nothing new, I know. BUT right now Masterpiece Theater Classic is running several excellent miniseries, like “Return to Cranford” and “Emma”. As a matter of fact, they will be running quite a bit of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens in the coming weeks. So if you like classic literature put to film, which I do, check out You pay for it anyways!

Have fun!

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