Valentines Past

Valentine’s Day has never really been a big deal to me. I like getting things, to be sure. But I never was depressed if I didn’t have someone to celebrate with and I do not really grill my husband about getting me something. I think it is a nice excuse to go out with my hubby… if we get the chance.

On the other hand, I have had some memorable Valentine’s Days in my life. All of them have to do with Stephen, and really remind me of how wonderful he is. So I thought I would share some of them with all of you.

Before I start, one thing. I really enjoy when my husband is thoughtful. I never have cared about WHAT he gets me. It’s more about how much THOUGHT went into whatever he does. From other ladies I talk to, I sense that thoughtfulness is a resonating theme. It doesn’t have to be over the top, just thoughtful. Okay, now I’ll go on about Valentines past… sorry about the soap box.

First memory – We weren’t even dating yet and I was super confused as to where we stood. Was he or was he not interested. Cause if we were just friends, that’s cool, but I needed to know so I could put him out of my mind as a potential husband. Well, my question was a little more answered that Valentine’s Day. He sent me a nice card and a tape of TV shows that he recorded. Huh? Well, he knew that we didn’t have TV or cable at that time, so I couldn’t watch any shows. So he sent me some. Some were things he liked, and some were things he thought I would like.
See – thoughtful.

Second memory – The next year came along, and things had changed big time. We were engaged. For Valentine’s Day he came from FL to visit me. We made wedding plans. Spent more time together. And that was enough for me, because it was downright painful to be so far away from him as it was.

Third memory – By this time, we had two girls and one on the way. Valentine’s Day was a blizzard, which meant that Stephen had to get up early and plow. And then he’d have to go out later that night to plow again. But he came home with gifts and flowers for all of us after his morning route. And he took us out for dinner. The girls were so excited to go on a “group date” with Daddy. It was really special, and I didn’t mind sharing him at all.

Fourth memory – Last year, we went to see a brass concert performed by some of his music teachers from college. It was like going on a date for artist series in college. Yet, I was pregnant. It was fun to pretend to be childless for a night. I know it was really special for him to get to see his professors again and catch up with them too.

So, what is a favorite Valentine’s memory that you have?

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