A Turn of Seasons

I can just sense it. Things get a little weird… nothing really changes, but I can sense that it is approaching. Spring. The sun is out more. Very s-l-o-w-l-y the temperatures are warming… if 35 is warm to you. Plant catalogs come, and one is hard pressed to find cold weather clothes on the racks anymore.

BUT IT IS NOT QUITE HERE YET. I just sense it is coming. And I am ready for spring, let me tell you! Life has been down-right dull around here…

OH! Except for the fact that my brother is home from Iraq. That’s quite important. It has been great having him around again, and hearing his stories about Iraq. He certainly provides good insight to what is going on over there.

WAIT! There are also revival meetings this next week. Jim VanGelderen is coming with part of his team. There will be children’s meetings, teen meetings, a children’s choir and a men’s quartet on Sunday. I am looking forward, in fear and trembling, to the work that the Lord will do in my own life. For, if we truly seek lasting revival, we ought not to pray for a general revival, but that the revival would start in us personally. So do pray that lives would be saved and changed for God’s glory – not just in unbelievers, but believers as well.

DUH! I have also been working on finding Grandpa J’s grandparents on the Ellis Island site. It is far more difficult than initially thought because names can be spelled all kinds of ways, and not everything was recorded accurately. I love history, though, and I love a worthwhile challenge. My great-Grandpa Johnson came to the US from Sweden in the twenties, and I have been able to look at the ship and its manifest several times. Very neat. You can check your relatives too… www.ellisisland.com. Stephen has even been helping in the search, so that has been fun.

OH YEAH! And we have just been offered a vacation in Mid-March. This is actually an answer to a prayer never prayed. Does that make sense? We wanted to squelch the cabin fever by going away for a few days in March, but reality says we cannot afford it right now. Then we were offered Stephen’s parents’ timeshare to use, since they can’t… and it has to be used in March. WOW! Stephen and I still pinch ourselves to make sure it is real. We are so thankful for the break from this long winter and they way the Lord answered our prayer when we had not dared pray it.

So I guess life is not as boring as I thought. And really, it never is. There is always laundry to do, children to bathe, diapers to change, kiddos to teach, picking up to do, dishes, grocery shopping and cooking. It’s just nice to have a change coming….

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