Guiltless Relaxation

So we are on vacation right now and having a wonderful time. Right now it is just Stephen and Ethan and me, so that is…. Relaxing. Ethan is such a happy boy, and he doesn’t fuss much at all. I actually was the one who was able to nap today! Something is missing though – our girls.

You see, ever since Stephen was offered this trip, he was duty bound for us to get some time to ourselves. We are not the couple that religiously goes on “dates” and such. Don’t get me wrong, we have our moments, but they are few and far between. We had every intention making more time for ourselves, alone. Things get busy. And when you have four kids, it is a chore to come up with baby-sitters for all of them, because you don’t want to overload anyone with all four… I know more than anyone how hairy it can become.

So Stephen insisted on a few days just us. And Ethan. He had to come along because I am still his primary source of nourishment. Let me tell you though, I hate separating our family. Guilt overcomes me at times, as though I should not be enjoying my time without my girls.

I have overcome my guilty feelings enough to make it here. Then, this morning as I read my Bible, God showed me in His Word that everyone needs a rest. Luke accounts of times when Christ would spend all night healing people. Then, he would go somewhere and rest. (Luke 5 has several references to him departing to pray, to a desert place, to withdraw, etc.) If Christ needed a time to rest- and He was the God-Man- then I as part of His creation, weak as I am, need rest too.

The Lord also brought another instance to mind – Creation. God didn’t need to rest on that seventh day… He is Elohim! I believe He set a pattern for us to follow because He knew there would be some of us who would have a hard time with resting. And Moms, if we were perfectly honest, no matter how much we plan ahead for Sunday, it is not as restful as it can be when you have children. Same with vacation. There is always a nose to be wiped, a child needing discipline, clothes to be changed, and diapers as well. I am not complaining, just stating a fact.

All that to say, I am done feeling guilty about not having my girls with us. I needed a break, and now I am refreshed. PLUS I have had a chance to actually miss my girls, so hopefully it will help me cherish the rest of our vacation time together more. Thanks again to the Lord, and Stephen’s parents, for letting us take this break.

NOW tomorrow we will retrieve our three little girls and go from there. Pictures will follow!

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  1. We are so glad that you get a chance to use this week for some R&R. We tried to use this week for three years and nothing worked out, so it looks like the Lord intended it for you. Hope the resort is a nice one and look forward to pictures 🙂

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