To Write or Not to Write

I do not feel guilty for not blogging lately. There’s been a lot going on. It’s summer, and summer is meant to be savored in the North. Besides, I’m not sure much can beat my last post… nope, I cannot think of anything.

Truly, there is a huge temptation to stop this blog. I am in a little quandry here, and I thought I would share with anyone who reads.

I love to write. It’s fun. Writing reports in college is something I miss. Yeah, I’m sick, I know. I’ve been praying about having a writing ministry, and I have been using my blog (in a small way) to test the waters. But I am running into a few problems:

1. Time – My first priority is to God, and second is my family. Blogging doesn’t necessarily take a huge chunk of my life. Hardly any, actually. But I battle the thought that right now is not the season of life for me to pursue this. Yet I know lots of moms who do, who have more little kids than me.
2. My Stomach – When you share your heart, you expose yourself to others. And people are not always kind. They nit-pick. They ridicule. They judge your motives. They miss your points. They criticize. I do not like conflict very much, and would prefer to be at peace with all men. In just the little bit of flack I have gotten, it makes me queasy. I don’t like it when people think something about me that is not true, and especially when they base it on something I wrote. I let it roll off my back to an extent, but hurtful comments leave a permanent mark. So the question comes, “Do I have the constitution for this?” I am still searching that out.
3. Discipline – It goes along with time. If I am going to blog, I really ought to be writing more. It isn’t fair to anyone who might read this that posts are so sporadic. And this is a very random blog, perhaps it should have more of a point to it.

There’s a lot that I have been thinking about. And it might take awhile longer. So maybe we should make an appointment for another entry: perhaps August 1. I’ll mark it on the calendar, and let you know what I have decided.

3 thoughts on “To Write or Not to Write

  1. I for one hope you keep it up. When you think about it, facebook is another form of blogging. I think many people who are posting on facebook could actually post on a blog. Thoughts can be short (like mine) are long like others. But the blog is your own personal journal, so it is up to you what you put on it and keep track of, etc.
    (I usually forward your blog to the grandparents and they alwasy enjoy reading it, too)
    Dad Franklin

  2. i for two hope you keep it up! Sporadic is good for now…just don't quit. There will come a season when you can dedicate more time to your writing and i'm looking forward to that too. Believe me…i know it's hard to have your good, evil spoken of. Anyone who upholds truth runs the risk of being criticized, misunderstood, and despised. That's how they convince good people to do nothing. Keep going…it makes a difference!

  3. I also encourage you to continue writing as often as you can, but do not let it be a burden to you. Loving God, your husband, and your children, along with training your children so that they will love God, are your priorities now (in my opinion anyway).

    Mom Franklin

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