Keep On Keepin’ On

So, I am sorry I missed our appointment. It crept up quickly! But I am still here, and will remain.

But enough about me. On to bigger and better things!

On today’s docket: Resources
I love finding superb resources on the internet. Especially good Christian resources. So here are some that I hope will be a blessing to you in one way, shape, or form.

1. June – June is a ladies’ speaker and author and Pastor’s wife at my home church in Plymouth. She is a sweet lady and a wonderful challenge to be around. Anyways, her site has some short devotionals and good Bible study tips as well. Her desire is to see women digging in to God’s Word daily, and this desire is evident in everything she does.

2.Church Works Media – For anyone looking to find music that is doctrinally rich in text and a joy to sing, you need to visit this site. Their music is free for congregational use, but if you want something with more to it, they do have arrangements for sale as well. Also, ladies, they have a wonderful devotional book called Gospel Meditations for Women that I highly recommend.

3. Sacred Sandwich – Have you ever heard the expression “If I don’t laugh, I’m gonna cry”? That’s how I would describe this site. It is Christian satire that is very funny, but at the same time too true. There is serious stuff on the site too, but it is mostly comical. I go to this site anytime I need a good clean laugh. I will be using one of their pictures in an upcoming post.

I think that is it for now.

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