Nothing Turned to Something

It’s that time again! Time for another thought provoking entry from yours truly. But I don’t have anything. Nada. Should I discuss the goal of Christ-like unity in a church? How about some funny (or not so funny) stories about my childrens’ latest antics? Perhaps some more insight about the part emotions play in our lives? Determining the Lord’s Will? The need for personal accountability? Some fabulous new resources I have found?

I got nothing.

I am just tired. Tired of talking. Tired of thinking. Tired of cleaning my kitchen floor for the 5th time today. Tired of cooking. Tired of planning. Tired of mice. Tired of being in the middle of things. Tired of shopping.

There is just one thing that I am not tired of… wanna hear it?

God’s Word.

That’s it. I am hungry for it. And as always my time to spend in the Word is limited. And needful. And precious. Once again, God is taking a book of the Bible that I have read many, many times and bringing it to me anew. Don’t you love it when He does that? I was just reading Stephen’s sermon today. Not my Stephen, even though, ironically, he is a deacon, and he is preaching this weekend. ANYWAYS I was reading the sermon Stephen presented to the Sanhedrin, and you know what I realized? He wasn’t really preaching. He was simply reciting their own history to them. Acts tells us that their hearts were smitten by Stephen’s words, but it was really the conviction of the Lord as they heard their own shameful account. They knew that he was right. And that is why Stephen lost his life. This is what I learned: the truth will anger people. They will not be able to discredit it, and that will make them angry. These are the people we need to have compassion on and pray for… the angry ones. They are under deep conviction, but instead of repenting they keep fighting. And I am reminded that Saul, one of the angriest present, will stop fighting in a few more chapters and repent. Look how God used him! Anger turned to repentance can be a powerful thing.

When the wellsprings of God’s Word open before us, we need to drop everything and take the time to drink it in. And then everything else in life seems second rate… because it is!

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