I got nothing.

I know that I am a slacker. Haven’t been writing much lately. What else is new, right? Inconsistency is what you can depend on me for at this blog. And the kids are definitely not asleep right now. I am still waiting for that to happen today.

I have been having a hard time coming up with coherent thoughts on what to write. There is a lot I could write about, but I am not sure how to write it. Call it a blogging cramp, if you will.

It’s really stupid too. (I know, stupid is a mean word, but it is the only appropriate one for this case.) Because since last time I wrote there have been birthdays for two of my kids, I had surgery, my brother is getting married, by best friend is getting married, Easter, Mother’s Day, I turned 30, my in-laws came to visit, and not to mention my sister too! That’s a lot going on.

Yet, I got nothing.

I want to write though! Argh!

I guess I will just post some cute pictures of my kids and call it good for today. Sound good to you? Good.

Ethan reflecting on the pinball table. No, really, do you see his reflection?

Sophie may want to be a bus driver someday…

Natalie and Meredith’s floral creations

One thought on “I got nothing.

  1. Cute pics, I posted some pics from Natalie's birthday party at Pizza Ranch on Mom's facebook page. I posted a blog today with pics from the birthday also. We really enjoyed the time up there even tho it was winter 🙂

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