I have mentioned in the past that I love novel things. I like to create, although I am not a creative person myself. Sewing, cooking, knitting, baking, gardening, crafting…. it is all appealing. And I wish I was good at it all. My skills are a work in progress.

Sometimes, I have no desire to create anything. Other times, the bug hits and I am a goner.

Besides all this, I am still trying to do creative things while taking care of my kids. And I must admit that once I get started on a project, I forget that I even have children. Isn’t that awful?

But lately I have been making a few things that I really like. Skirts for the girls, cape for the boy and his friend, skirt for myself. And the more I do it, the more I love it! Except….

Okay here’s the confession: I really fretted about what to wear for my brother’s wedding. Like it really mattered, since it wasn’t at all about me, but about him and his lovely bride. Nevertheless I felt like I needed to look good for his big day. Representing the family and all.

So I found this great dress and all it lacked was a sweater or something to go with. And I didn’t want white. This dress had so many different colors going on, I could have done almost anything…. but it was decided that I needed a green shrug. I just turned 30 and I have a renewed desire to look young. Why is it that when we age, we want to look younger, but when we are young we want to look older? Anyways…

So I found a way to repurpose a shirt into a shrug off a favorite website of mine. Totally cool and I had the perfect shirt. I was nervous about cutting it, so I took it over to my amazing grandmother, who had no qualms about helping me cut. She did a great job too. Plus I had the extra opinions of about 5 or 6 other relatives present that day, so the decision to do this was solid. Now all I had to do was finish the edges. Easy peasy. Except…

I sat at my sewing machine only to find that my little ones had tried to sew a gogurt at some point. Yogurt on my machine. All my dials moved about. My machine had been working great and now it was skipping stitches. I totally blamed the kids for it.

After trying several different methods to get this top finished, I did the best I could and called it done. Still wasn’t happy with it, but no one will care. Who is going to be looking at me anyways? Except…

My sister tipped me off that she had a white shrug I could borrow. “No” I said, “no white, but thanks anyways.” Then she tells me she found some at a store. So I look. I buy. I return. I take my sister’s shrug home. I get ready for the wedding. (This shrug process took about a week, I am ashamed to say.)

Both shrugs accompanied me to the wedding, where I got a final opinion. White shrug it was.

After all that work.

What’s more, I showed my green shrug to my grandmother, who told me that it wasn’t the machine’s fault, but my skills. I should have stretched the material and it would have sewn evenly.


So to make myself feel better I made a skirt for myself. Got to lose a few pounds to fit into it, but…

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