Eight Years

Somethings are better kept the way they are. I guess that is how I felt after I changed my template. It didn’t really fit me and was kinda obnoxious. So I changed it back. There. That’s better.

On to other things…

Today, Stephen and I have been married for eight, 8, years. So I decided that we needed a kid-free night. And I sit here blogging. (It’s okay, this won’t take long…)

The time has flown by! I recall that day, eight years ago… I was nothing but excited. Not nervous, but confident in our future together. Not really scared either. Why would I be scared of something that was so clearly God’s will for my life? I have never been more certain of anything, besides my salvation.

Our wedding wasn’t fancy – we were concerned more about the “happily ever after” than the day itself.

I am sure that my dad had to pull me back a little from getting down that aisle. My flower girl paused part way down… but the moment came. Stephen, his father and his brothers singing “Oh, Jesus I Have Promised.” My Grandfather officiating and preaching on Aquilla and Priscilla’s life of serving together. It all fit perfectly. That is what we wanted our marriage to be about. Service. Living for Christ. Together.

We talked with everyone who came to our reception. We didn’t smash the cake. Stephen didn’t think that would be very nice. We left the reception in a well-decorated SUV. Stephen, still in his tuxedo, stopped by the car wash to get some of the goop off the truck.

I won’t go into the honeymoon too much. ; ) Our reservation at the hotel was canceled, so we had to stay elsewhere. We flew to Jacksonville and went to Stephen’s home church to see all our dear friends. We enjoyed our favorite places in Antebellum South. We made an impromptu stop in Washington D.C. We drove my new car home from all the fun, making some interesting pit stops along the way.

Today, the way we celebrate our love has changed, but it is no less romantic or fun-filled. Walking to the library. Buying groceries. Watching movies. Eating pizza and gummy bears. Enjoying silence together.

The mundane in life can be an absolute gift from God. The constant of a life long companion throughout this journey. Just having someone to enjoy the chaos and monotony with is a treasure. And that is what I have.

Happy Anniversary, Stephen. I love you.

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