Just a Typical Saturday Morning…

I don’t have any pictures for this post. (Don’t worry, I’ll post some soon!) Just close your eyes and picture it in your mind….

Natalie is at a sleep over.

Meredith is making something with construction paper and glue. 

Sophie is listening to the self-affirming stylings of Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood. (“It’s you, I like…”)

Ethan is sitting in the sunshine, drinking my coffee, grinning, playing with some small piece of something. 

Piles of laundry sit on my couch. As usual.

Fabric and books are on the table.

I am looking for a sewing machine on craiglist.

Stephen is working this Saturday… again.

Okay, now Ethan is playing with his John Deere Gator. Yes, he still loves all things John Deere.

The sink has some dishes in it – mind you, not lots, like normal.

This is what a Saturday morning is supposed to be like, sans Stephen working.

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