A Month of Thanksgiving – Day 1

I know I am a day late starting this. But I gotta! This month, I am going to TRY to post one or more things that I am thankful for each and everyday. So yes, you will have a reason to check up more often on this blog. Or not. What’s more, I would love, Love, LOVE it if you would participate with me! Just write what YOU are thankful for in the comments section of my blog.

Here’s a verse to meditate on about thankfulness: 
O give thanks to the Lord; 
call upon His name; 
make known His deeds among the people.
~ 1 Chronicles 16:8

And today I want to give thanks to the Lord for changing seasons. It is a blessing to live where seasons change drastically. Spring is beautiful here – a renewal of life, very appropriate since we celebrate the new birth we have in Christ at this time of year. Summer is perfect (at least for me) – not too hot, usually. Not too cold (usually) either. Things can grow and flourish in our climate. Fall is gorgeous – the colors on the trees changing into vibrant hues, showing the miracle of God’s creation in an innovative way only He could concoct. Winter, oh winter! As much as we may complain (I try not to…), this season is a wonderful reminder of God’s pardon – he washes our sins away whiter than snow… imagine! The quietness of a snowfall is a perfect reminder of Christ’s birth, a meek beginning for a powerful Savior!
So what are YOU thankful for today?

3 thoughts on “A Month of Thanksgiving – Day 1

  1. I am thankful for the blessings of children. Where there are days that I could pull my hair out because I don't understand why they don't obey the first time…they are a blessing. Their little minds just wanting to take in everything they can asking so many, SO many questions just to try and understand whats going on around them. I love the growing process. I have never looked at my child and wished she were younger. Why? Because I treasure each stage of her beautiful life. (Not that parents who say I wish or I miss the younger years or what not do not treasure their children. Its just how I see it.) God is good to remind us that it takes the faith of a little child to enter into His Kingdom. Faith of a little child. As adults our trust seems limited by fear, changes in life, hurt, regret, etc. We need to remember the blessings of children. As the changes in seasons so are the precious blessings of the lives of our children!
    Rachel Conner

  2. I am thankful for my husband. He is a far better man than I deserve. God has been very gracious to me in that respect(and many others).


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