A Month of Thanksgiving – Day 2

There is a lot to give thanks for, once we stop and get into the mindset of thankfulness, isn’t there? God has been so good to us each and everyday, and yet we often forget or do not stop and acknowledge His gifts, no matter how small they are. So. Today, to encourage an attitude of thanksgiving, I want to share two things with you:
holy experience
A Holy Experience – This blog is written by Ann Voskamp, and her overwhelming theme is living a life of thankfulness to God. Her writing style is very beautiful, picturesque and real. Not to mention her photographs… I am trying to get the gumption to ask her how much for one of her pictures, they are so lovely. Read her for a week, and if you are not blessed by what you read, then your blesser is broken! 
One Thousand Gifts – This is Ann’s book. I received it from a friend while I was recovering from surgery this spring, and it is fantastic. Like her blog, it is raw and really challenges you to think on Christ and His attitude of thankfulness. It will overwhelm you. I admit, I am still finishing this book, reading a little at a time. It has some weight to it that is missing in many books nowadays.

Now. My thanksgiving for today…

I am thankful for new life. Two days ago, our family grew by one when little Hudson was born to my sister-in-law, Janelle. It is always exciting to me when a child enters the world, especially into a God-loving family. The miracle of birth should never be taken for granted. Life is precious!

2 thoughts on “A Month of Thanksgiving – Day 2

  1. You challenged me with looking into this book. I bought it a couple weeks later. Ate it up! Ann trully has a gift for writing beautifully as a true artist paints beautiful pictures. So I am thankful to you for sharing this "gift" with me. I needed it in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. They were rough. But God taught me so much through being joyful and focusing on the Eucharisteos of life rather than the negative!
    Rachel Conner

  2. Congrats Auntie Leah and Uncle Stephen! I saw this book in your house and I too want to check it out. Too bad I'm not close enough to borrow it! 🙂

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