A Month of Thanksgiving – Day 3

Making known His deeds among the people… it’s pretty easy to quick type something into the old Facebook status, or even post it on a blog, like me. Living it out in real life situations, that’s more difficult. I know it is a challenge for me at least. What about the people around you in real life? Have you been making known God’s goodness to them as well?

Well, I have something here that is part of a bigger project, which will be revealed in a future thanksgiving post. Let’s call this part A. I have been working on part A since September. Not consistently, but doing it nonetheless.

Tool: Free Printable Thankful.notes
Are these not neat? The download is free, of course. (I LOVE FREE DOWNLOADS!) So you can print to your hearts content. I have the whole family write things down (we were trying to everyday), and then I write names on the back, so we can keep them and look back, if we want to. Or throw them, but do you really want to do that? I didn’t think so… 
My Thanks Today: 

Salvation. I know that is what every believer says. As well we should, we should never get over being born again. More specifically, I am thankful that even though I am still very flawed, God is changing me, and someday I will be exactly what He wants me to be. In Heaven. Do you ever get weary of sinning and messing up all the time? I know I do. I am so glad that Christ saved me from all I have done and ever will do. I am thankful that I have the hope of being completely free from sin when I get to Heaven.

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