A Month of Thanksgiving – Day 4

What a hectic life we all have! I know I am busy… so I am sure that you are even more so. I am glad that this time of year an give us a little chance to slow down and look at the world in a different way. Oh, that gratitude was our glasses everyday! I am hoping to come to that point in my life, where I see the blessings in everything. 

I am saving more goodies for the weekdays. Lots of blogs post their good stuff on the weekends, but I think that the weekdays need a pick-me-up. Besides. I am tired. : )
Today I Give Thanks For
The work that our family business has right now. Let me tell you, if you ever want to learn to trust the Lord for your needs, start a business. My dad started the business when I was in college, and I was a part of it then. Now, my husband manages the day to day operations, so I am still a part of the business. Summer is usually our busy season, but it was very slow instead. But we knew, we KNEW that God would provide. And He has. We have had the BUSIEST fall that I can recall in 12 years. (Someone correct me if I am wrong…) Lots of new opportunities have opened up, which has helped tremendously. This is kind of a difficult thing to be thankful for, because when it is crazy busy (like now), the kids and I do not see Stephen very much. So we miss him a lot. But we know that it is only of the Lord that our business is doing as well as it is. I always pray that God would allow our business to succeed, not for lots of money for us, but so we can glorify Him and testify of His goodness as we follow His ways. 

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