A Month of Thanksgiving – Day 9

We’ve had a lot of seriousness around here lately. Well, I am going to change that today. I am going to reveal Part B of the project I had introduced in this post.


Now, I am not much of a picture taker. I do not have a pricey camera to take fantastic pictures with. So you will not see a tutorial with step by step pictures for this. It isn’t even original with me, so it seems kinda wrong to tutorialize. If that’s even a word, which the spell check tells me it is not. It sounds good….

Anyways. Back to this.

My friend, Julie, did this at church and I thought it was brilliant. But I don’t have many nice trees with branches, so I never tried this at home. Until one day, Sophie enters the house with a substantial branch. My first reaction was to tell her not to bring branches into the house, but I caught myself when I saw the caliber of said branch. It was perfect. So I went forward with the idea for a Thanksgiving Tree…

I started out with a vase I found at goodwill. Really. $1 vase. THEN I took some rice and put a few drops of food coloring in and stirred until well mixed. I used red and green for mine, but you can do whatever you want. The kids loved this part. As a matter of fact, I am still finding green rice in all sorts of places. Going on….

I layered the rice in the vase and then placed the branch in the middle. Now, you could use almost anything to weigh the branch down, as long as it is something that will keep it upright. River rock, marbles, shredded paper might even work. I used the colored rice because I had it on hand and I like color.

Part A is now needed. Take the cards you have been working on, and punch a hole in one of the corners. Take some ribbon and tie a loop through the hole. You could use ornament hangers too… or paper clips… or twist ties… There are many options in this project, so just do what works for you. Hang the cards and there you have it. A Thanksgiving Tree.

On to my Thanksgiving for Today

I am thankful for my oldest girl, Natalie. She is a wonderful big sister, always ready to help the little ones, play with them, teach them. (She likes to do “baby pre-school” with Ethan. It’s cute.) Natalie ran a lemonade stand this summer, in the hopes of earning money for a doll she has wanted for sometime. Today, she and I are going on a Mommy-Daughter date to pick up the doll she worked so hard for. She has had a rough fall with her health, but she perseveres through it all. I cannot believe how she is growing, both in stature and mind. She loves Jesus and tries so to please Him and tell her friends about him. I love her to pieces.

One thought on “A Month of Thanksgiving – Day 9

  1. VERY cute, Leah! You did a great job and the pictures are wonderful…as is the idea. And, congrats to Natalie! That is so exciting–she did a wonderful job this summer and I'm so happy for her that she will be getting her doll! I miss that girl!

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